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Office Moving Guide

Preparing for an office move can be a huge undertaking - if you're doing it by yourself. Over at Mackie - QHP we've got a team of office moving specialists who have been moving offices for a living for at least 10 years; our managing partners have over 60 years' experience in the office moving business.

We're a toll-free phone call away: 1-888-628-9988 or contact us.

Or, you can start by reading through our office moving plan, office moving guide, office moving tips, and then check out our projected costs for moving an office.

A Good Office Moving Plan

Mackie - QHP office moving specialists work with you to develop a moving plan and budget that works for your office. We'll help you to create timelines and checklists and to get your office organized, starting with getting rid of everything you don't need.

From there we can help get you packed, stored, moved and settled into your new office.

Quick Tips
  • Get everyone in the office educated and involved in the move
  • Know your budget restrictions
  • Get a floor plan of the new office and distribute
  • Set some strict timelines and make sure they're being managed
  • Work out any moving details with building management and security
  • Make sure you've got all necessary packing supplies - including labels
  • Keep some energy snacks and drinks on hand

The office moving masterminds at Mackie - QHP have created an indispensable, in-depth home & office moving guide for its customers. Ask us about it! (Call toll-free: 1-888-628-9988 or contact us).

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