Office Moving Checklist & Office Moving Tips

A lot of planning, organizing and packing go into an office move or office relocation. With a helpful aid like an office moving checklist, you can make sure your office move stays on schedule and on budget.

The office moving specialists at Mackie - QHP can provide you with a number of useful office moving tips and checklists. Call QHP today toll free at: 1-888-628-9988 or contact us.

Please use our Office Move Checklist to help make your office relocation fast and efficient.

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Mackie - QHP Office Moving Tips

Mackie - QHP office moving guide already contains a number of useful office moving tips, but here are a few extra pre-office moving tips (taken off the desk of one of our senior office moving specialists!

  • Contact your local utility companies (phone, Internet, cable, satellite, electricity and water
  • Make sure your customers or clients know about your office move
  • Arrange for the installation of utility services at your new office
  • Create an "office moving task force" from your pool of employees
  • Consider storing excess or old office furniture, or donate to a local charity

And here's one more tip: Remember that Mackie - QHP Moving and Storage is here to help you with home or office moves in Edmonton or across the Canada!!

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