Professional Home Packing Experts

Moving your home is a very big job. There's a lot of pre- and post-move planning and organizing, not to mention all the packing and unpacking that gets in the way of your work, your family and friends, and the life you're still trying to hang onto in the midst of your move.

Our packing experts at Mackie - QHP are happy to organize, wrap, pack, box and label your entire household.

It's their job.

But if you're up to the challenge and only need a few packing tips, we encourage you to browse through the free online resources available in our How to Pack section.

Moving fragile items

Excellent packing is an art. Moving fragile items is a learned skill. Why chance breaking something you can't replace?

As part of Mackie - QHP household packing service we will either provide you with the correct packing materials to pack your fragile items (tissue paper for smaller, breakable items, for example); or if you'd rather leave the larger fragile items for us to pack - like your oversized mirror or antique table, we can carefully pack them in one of our custom-made wooden crates.

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