Mackie - QHP Home Moving Guide

The last thing you need right now is to be told that moving is stressful. It's that kind of useless information that tends to instill fear and inaction.

Instead, we'd like to get you moving. But first, you'll need a plan.

The Mackie - QHP Moving Guide is an in-depth planning guide available exclusively for our clients, but our home moving specialists can also provide you with other planning tools - like our Home Moving Checklist, Moving Setup Checklist, moving planners, moving and packing tips, moving insurance, and of course - some very good free advice on moving your home.

Your home move starts whenever you're ready.

How to get started on your home move

  • Learn how to pack: There's the right way, and then there are a million ways to waste time and space.
  • Take inventory of your entire home. Determine what to keep, donate, store, recycle, sell, and throw out.
  • Think inside the box. Use our handy moving box estimator to get a rough count of the number of boxes you'll need.
  • Buy the proper packing supplies - all those old rolls of tape you use to wrap presents are not strong enough for this job.

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