Office Furniture Disposal

Is your office downsizing, relocating or are you getting new furniture? Our office furniture clearance and disposal service is fast, effective and hassle free.

Whether you need our stand-alone clearance, which is our 1 Office or Station disposal service, or if it is part of an office wide clearance program where everything goes, we are the people to call.

We Care About The Environment

Mackie - QHP is an environmentally conscious company. We will help you Re-purpose your assets to other users within your company or contact other Companies and Organizations that we know could use it. Mackie - QHP can also Green Recycle your goods, breaking down your furniture to separate recyclables from non-recyclables.

First and Foremost at Mackie - QHP, we are Professional Furniture Movers and Installers. You can be confident that we will do a proper job with experienced Movers and Installers who have the right equipment and experience not to damage your Facility in the process. Mackie - QHP is familiar with most all Commercial Buildings and their procedures. Whether your project happens during regular business hours or after hours we are here to help.

Give us a call and let us come down and give you a “Firm Price” Quote on your project.

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