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Mackie - QHP has one of the largest inventories of new and recycled moving boxes in Edmonton. For individual moving box prices, refer please call us today.

For information on our offer of free moving boxes in Edmonton, contact Mackie - QHP Moving & Storage Ltd. toll free: 1-888-628-9988 or contact us on-line today.

Estimating your moving boxes has never been easier!

Mackie - QHP moving box estimator is a simple 2-step process designed to help you determine how many moving boxes you'll need to buy.

Step 1: Take a look at the different sizes of moving boxes outlined below and keep in mind all the items you need to pack.
  • 2 cubic ft. boxes (book box) - Use for heavy or dense items including books, records, shoes, canned goods, kitchen canisters, small appliances and hand power tools.
  • 4 cubic ft. boxes - General-purpose, good for toys, lampshades, pots and pans, kitchen utensils, etc.
  • 5 and 6 cubic ft. boxes - Use for large, lightweight items such as pillows, bedding and toys. Do not overload.
  • Wardrobe boxes - Equipped with bar for hanging clothes, curtains and draperies. The bottom is not designed to support weight; do not pack other items in the bottom of these cartons
  • Dish pack / China Barrel - Specially designed with cell dividers for transporting dishes, glasses, bowls and other kitchenware; also good for lamps, small pictures, knickknacks, light appliances. *Available in most areas.
  • Mirror bags - Telescoping - large and small size. Provide extra protection for mirrors, large picture, glass tabletops.
  • Mattress boxes - Available in crib, twin, standard double and king/queen sizes.
Step 2: Now use the box planning chart below and match the size of your home with the box sizes you need. Remember - it's always better to have too many boxes (which you can return) than not enough.

Box Planner Table

Box Size 1 Bdrm Apt. 2 Bdrm House 3 Bdrm Apt 3 Bdrm House 4 Bdrm House 5 Bdrm House
2 cubic ft. 30 32 34 34 45 57
4 cubic ft. 11 12 16 17 20 42
5 or 6 cubic ft. 8 9 16 19 21 24
Specialty 3 3 5 5 8 10

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